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November 26, 2017

 North Lakes first 24/7 Health Club now feels like it's newest!

Our club at 9 Discovery Drive, first established in July 2011, has under gone a transformation that gives it a fresh new feel, has a new Functional Training area, upgraded cleaning and hygiene systems and more. Still one of the very few owner operated clubs that isn't a franchise or corporate owned, our members still get that personal service and assistance that comes with a friendly smile, and it's free :) Plans to give our Deception Bay Club the same refurbishment and upgrades should also commence in the near future.


 WHEY PROTEIN POWDERS- What Are Their Differences?

 At first protein powders all look the same, but that's far from the truth. In our previous edition we looked at where whey protein comes from but things have come a long way since the creation of the the first protein powder concentrate. 

PROTEIN CONCENTRATE: This was one of the earliest forms of protein powder and was effectively not much different to skim milk powder. The liquid whey was dried and powdered and although a great form of protein, was not very well tolerated by many users and caused upset stomachs and indigestion. Digestion time is around 2 hours. Best used regularly during the day to keep protein levels stable.

PROTEIN ISOLATE: This a purified and superior form of protein concentrate and is far better tolerated by most users. A little more expensive but definately worth it. Digestion time is also around two hours and also best used regularly during the day.

HYDROLYSED PROTEIN: This form of protein powder is simply protein isolate treated with pre-digestive enzymes, much like baby food, and is very quickly absorbed and digested. For this reason it is usually fully absorbed within 20 minutes of drinking, making it ideal for consumption immediately after your workout but not suitable for consuming during the day. Hydrolysed protein is also quite expensive compared to the concentrate and isolate but is perfect for getting protein into your muscles quickly after your workout. 

MICELLAR CASIEN: This unique form of protein is very good quality and has a long molecular structure meaning it's digestion period takes up to 6 or 7 hours. For this reason it is ideal for consumption before bed to stop protein depletion half way through the night. Also it's slow digestion means you may feel fuller for longer and is often the main ingredient in HPLC and diet shakes.

BLENDS: Like most people you might choose a product which contains a blend of several types of proteins. This means it will contain proteins that digest quickly, at a moderate pace and slowly covering a period of up to 6-7 hours. These are a great choice if you can't access a drink every few hours and keeps your protein levels stable for prolonged periods. Certainly the most popular way to buy protein powder.



Hi, I'm Steve, the owner of the North Lakes and Deception Bay clubs and I'm regularly asked many questions about a range of exercise and nutrition subject. I certainly don't claim to know everything, but I've been around for a while. I started in the industry as a Gym Instructor in 1994, I'm a qualified Personal Trainer & Life Style Coach and I competed as a body builder through most of the 90's winning a number of local competitions with the IFBB Qld Light Heavy Weight title in 1999  being my proudest win. Each issue I'll be giving my personal take on the most commonly asked questions, I hope they prove useful to you                         



LATERAL PULLDOWNS: These are one of the most beneficial weight training movements anyone can do in the gym. Effectively they are reproducing a chin up, a movement that our ancestor would have performed regularly to climb trees for fruit, egg from birds nests or to get away from Sabre Toothed Tigers :) Keeping this in mind, the exercise should be performed so it mimics that same movement. I see so many people lean back and use their own body weight to pull the bar down, usually because the weight is too heavy. Try keeping your body upright and keeping your feet beneath you. When your feet are in front of you, it's natural to want to lean back as they are use as leverage. Without leaning back, push your chest out and only bring the bar down to your upper chest, no lower. Imitate a chin up and you will get far better result with less weight, after all, it's results that really count.



Thanks for reading another edition of The Health and Fitness Informer proudly brought to you by the team at Workout 24/7 Health Clubs. We hope that you enjoy this entertaining and motivating video, it's one of our favourites :) Until next time, train hard and train often.






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